Most Common Relapse Triggers in Addiction Recovery

There is an important distinction to be made between a lapse, or slipup, and a relapse. The distinction is critical to make because it influences how people handle their behavior. A relapse is a sustained return to heavy and frequent substance use that existed prior to treatment or the commitment to change. A slipup […]

Effects of Alcohol: How Alcohol Thins Your Blood

Content Does alcohol thin your blood? Risks Of Drinking Alcohol For Blood Thinning Effects How The Body Processes Alcohol Does Alcohol Act As A Blood Thinner? Top Reads in Health Education Do Mounjaro and alcohol mix? Addiction Treatments Blood Soup Do phentermine and alcohol mix? While this was standard advice in the early 2000’s, today […]

Meth Addiction: Facts, Statistics & How Meth Changes You

As a result, meth is commonly taken in a binge pattern, often called a “run,” where small amounts of meth are taken every few hours for a couple days to prolong the high. This pattern of abuse can more quickly lead to drug dependence and addiction. Meth addiction is often treated using a medical or […]

Treatment and Recovery National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA

Content The Top Tools Being Utilized for Research on the Brain in Recovery Quickly relieve stress without drugs Be completely honest with yourself and everyone in your recovery circle. Addiction Destroys Dreams, We Can Help National Recovery Month 2023 A Rise In Sports Betting Means A Rise In Sports Gambling Addiction Substance use disorder (SUD) […]

Blackouts Memory Time Loss, Depressed Mood, Difficulty Sleeping And Flashbacks

Content Diagnosis What to Do during a PTSD Blackout Epilepsy blackouts Living with someone who has been diagnosed with PTSD The psychology of post-traumatic stress disorder – Joelle Rabow Maletis Importantly, the intrusive thoughts are not related to an experienced traumatic event. Compulsions are also usually present in OCD, while this is absent in PTSD. […]

7 Mistakes To Avoid In Your First Year Of Sobriety

I love my independence, I love having my life organized in a way that makes me happy and makes me feel fulfilled. I love that when my kids are with me, we have 5050 custody. And when my kids are with me that I provide a home life and an environment that is positive, that […]

Narcissism and Alcoholism: Similarities, Differences, Diagnosis

Content Narcissistic Tendencies Of Alcoholics Signs Of Alcoholism Combat Social Anxiety What’s The Relationship Between Alcoholism And Narcissism? Overlapping treatment options Traits like narcissism and personality disorders like NPD are long-standing. In order to have a diagnosis of NPD, they’ll have to consistently show the relevant symptoms over a period of many years. Similarly, many […]

Banyan Rehab Locations

Content North Carolina’s Premier Addiction Rehab Center & Recovery Hospital Support for Me and My Family Virtual Support Groups New Xylazine Drug Contributes to Overdoses in Massachusetts The insights you gain and the changes you make during rehab will become the foundation for your recovery throughout the challenges life brings. It will help you determine […]