Cryptography Definition & Meaning

A sender could encrypt a message with a hash value and when the receiver gets the message, they can use the same hashing algorithm for the text. Once a plaintext has been encrypted, it remains a ciphertext, also known as hash. Symmetric key cryptography is the category where the same key is used for both […]

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency: Where and How to Start

The same comes to crypto trading, with the only difference that you buy and sell digital assets. For instance, at CEX.IO you can place market and limit orders to trade Ethereum against dollars (ETH to USD) or any other available assets. In fact, it’s an online platform and a digital marketplace where you can check […]

How to Choose the Best Liquidity Provider for Your Needs MassTamilan Tv

Liquidity is significant for every marketable asset comprising cryptocurrencies. Levels of low liquidity mean that market instabilities are there, resulting in spikes in cryptocurrency rates. Elevated liquidity, on the contrary, means there is a persistent market, with some variation in cost. Non-bank LPs, while not banking institutions, significantly contribute to market liquidity. This group includes […]

Методы Приёма Криптовалюты И Платёжные Системы В 2022 Году Крипто На Vc Ru

Узнать, где принимают оплату криптовалютой, поможет сервис Coinmap, осуществляющий поиск таких компаний и интернет-магазинов в сети. Карта постоянно расширяется, так как все больше и больше сервисов и магазинов используют такой способ оплаты. Оплата товаров биткоинами и другими валютами прямыми транзакциями из криптокошелька, по сути, является простым переводом средств в адрес продавца. Для этого необходимо зайти […]

11 Features in the Best Forex CRMs

Content Zoho CRM Salesforce Technology Vector Consider your positioning in the market Over 150 Forex specific third party plugin solutions available in the scale marketplace, here are just a few Why should Forex traders use s CRM? FAQ and More on Forex CRM Providers They may seem to be too large and pricey on the […]

C-Book: How Forex Brokers Manage Their Risk

Stay on top of upcoming market-moving events with our customisable economic calendar. Discover the range of markets and learn how they work – with IG Academy’s online course. You opened your position at 7050 ($0.7050), giving you an exposure worth $705 (1000 x 0.750). The spreads are the price difference between the buy and sell […]

Способы Заработать На Крипторынке Майнинг, Биткоин-автоматы, Dapps

Предприниматели могут добывать цифровую валюту, установить биткоин-автоматы, запустить обменник или биржу. На выросшем крипторынке сформировалась благоприятная среда для ведения бизнеса, связанного с блокчейном. Согласно данным ресурса «Coin ATM Radar» наибольшее количество автоматизированных терминалов по продаже или обмену крипротовалют (около 65%) установлены в США. В Западном терминале порта Хельсинки работает Biittimatti, ориентированный, в том числе, на […]

Top 10 Crypto Research Tools: Where To Do Your Own Research?

Here you’ll not only find information about new projects but the community share their insights on it and guide you through the right track. Trading and investing in digital assets is highly speculative and comes with many risks. The analysis / stats on are for informational purposes and should not be considered investment advice. […]

3 Best White Label Providers 2023: Top White Label ️

White Label Forex is software in the form of a trading platform designed to provide faster and easier access for a Forex brokerage firm to the foreign exchange market using its own brand. The example above contains a complete diversification for the base currencies of customer groups, according to margin accounts based on the same […]

Importance Of Marketing Plan For Forex Broker

This marketing strategy allows you to create personalized messaging for prospects and existing clients based on their activity prior to signing up or their trading habits and preferences after joining. It also allows your business to keep them informed about the latest news, market insights, promotions, and other relevant matters in a relatively frictionless way […]