Increased Investment in Subsidiary Journal Entry

You can’t write off more than the remaining value of the investment — that is, you can’t carry the investment as a negative number. Overall, a subsidiary is a company in which another company has a controlling interest. This controlling interest comes from owning more than 50% of shares in a company. When a company […]

What Is QuickBooks & What Does It Do?

From the above information, it is decided that QBO format is one of the file formats which is very important for the QuickBooks. It is a file used by the QuickBooks program which is having an e-statement downloaded from an online account and used to import and synchronize online bank statements on the computer. Your […]

How To Calculate Total Manufacturing Cost? MRPeasy Blog

Content Use Katana cloud software to calculate your total manufacturing cost automatically Additional Resources Estimate how much your expenses will cost What is Total Manufacturing Cost? Identify your startup expenses Pricing The reverse approach might be attempted when unit costs are low, by setting prices lower in an attempt to attract business away from competitors. […]

Bookkeeping for Startups

Content Ways Outsourced Accounting Services Can Help Your Startup How Good Bookkeeping Pays for Itself Lean Startup Promote excellent business practices Watch Out for These Common Startup Bookkeeping Mistakes Your bookkeeper and controller can provide the information and analysis you need to seek investment capital. Check out our list of the year’s best accounting software […]

Understanding Depreciation Types of Depreciation Expense Video & Lesson Transcript

Content What kind of assets can you depreciate? Expenses’ Effect on Profits How to Calculate Beginning Year Accumulated Depreciation Depreciation Expense vs. Accumulated Depreciation: What’s the Difference? Topic No. 704, Depreciation Does depreciation expense go on the income statement? Composite depreciation method To discuss depreciation expense one must first understand the depreciation definition. Additionally, MACRS […]

What is Variance Analysis: A Frontier for Analysis

Content What Are the Different Types of Variance Analysis? Present Value Factor Calculation | Steps involved | Calculator Variance & Trend Analysis: Tools & Techniques Best Accounting Automation Software: How to Choose Variance vs. Trend Types of Variances The Role of Variance Analysis More than 4,000 companies of all sizes, across all industries, trust BlackLine […]

What Is Predetermined Overhead Rate?

And some may insist that the under-applied overhead be allocated among cost of goods sold and ending inventories–which would defeat the purpose of basing the predetermined overhead rate on capacity. The predetermined overhead rate formula can be used to balance expenses with production costs and sales. For businesses in manufacturing, establishing and monitoring an overhead […]

Cash Flow From Operating Activities CFO Defined, With Formulas

This corresponds to an increase in accounts payable liability on the balance sheet, which indicates a net increase in expenses charged to Apple that were not yet paid. When its outflows are higher than its inflows, the company’s cash flows are negative. The proceeds (cash received) from the sale of long-term investments are reported as […]

Prepaid Expenses: Definition, Examples & Recording Process

Contents: Prepaid Expenses: Definition Connect With a Financial Advisor prepaid rent journal entry Get comprehensive workflows to manage your global portfolios. Paid 60,000 rent in the month of December which belongs to the next year and doesn’t become due until January of the following year. The unauthorised use of another person’s credit card information to… […]

Introduction to US sales tax and economic nexus

Content Filing & Reporting Requirements For Foreign-Owned LLCs Economic Nexus: Find out where you’re on the hook to collect and file sales tax Sales tax terminology you need to know What is an Economic Nexus Threshold? Origin-based vs destination-based sales tax states When you are working hard to build your business, it’s easy to overlook […]